Tips for Considering a Doggie Door

March 16, 2022
Doggie doors that keep you and your pet safe and happy. Pet Doors for screen doors, entry doors and hinged patio doors.

We all love our pets and often go to great lengths to pamper them and make sure they get the best possible care. For all the happiness they bring us, they deserve it! One way to make sure your pooch is comfortable and carefree is to provide them with the freedom of entry doors or storm doors with dog door options. This allows your dog to go in and out of the house without you having to open and close the door all day long.

Standard Doggie Doors

Our standard doggie doors for storm doors, entry doors and hinged patio doors feature a kick panel at the bottom rather than a full screen door. To create the doggie door, an opening is cut into the kick panel and fortified with an aluminum frame; then a soft vinyl flap is installed for the dog to walk through. Of course, the door is suitable for cats as well—we wouldn’t discriminate against our feline friends.

ProVia offers PetSafe® FREEDOM® pet doors in three different sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large. It features a solid aluminum frame with a soft single flap in the middle that provides a tight weather seal. A metal cover is included that can be locked for times when you don’t want your pet to go outside.

Premium Doggie Doors

We also offer a premium grade product for our entry doors and hinged patio doors called the PlexiDor® Pet Door (available on flush doors only). This includes shatter-resistant saloon-styled door panels (they swing open and closed from the side) that provide durability and insulation. The thermo-pane panels are lined with high-density weather seal that provides maximum energy efficiency. There’s a security plate that can be placed over this pet door to provide peace of mind knowing no intruders can get through while you’re away from home.

Many of us here at ProVia are pet owners too, so we know how much you care about their safety and well-being. We offer what we believe are the best pet doors on the market for materials, design and performance. Nothing but the best for our furry family members!

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Image of a golden retriever exiting a ProVia door, showing the benefits of doors with doggie door can have to pet owners
PetSafe doggie door isolated image showing that it can be added to create entry or storm doors with dog door on ProVia doors
Brandon Morris, Product Manager for Entry & Storm Doors at ProVia

Brandon Morris

Product Manager - Entry & Storm Doors


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