Making Design Choices for Your Home Exterior?

April 22, 2021
These tools eliminate the guesswork

As ProVia has evolved, through 40+ years in the exterior building products industry, our focus has always remained on homeowners and their needs. This has fueled a steady stream of product introductions and enhancements, plus continuous improvement of features and benefits so homeowners truly enjoy their investments. Delivering the latest in functionality is an ongoing quest, but there’s more on homeowners’ minds than simply how well these products work. It’s equally important for them to know what our products will look like on their homes.

Tricky Decisions

With exterior products, this can be trickier than it seems. For doors, replacement windows, manufactured stone, vinyl siding and metal roofing, the coverage areas tend to be large, or are seen from a distance, which can be challenging to visualize. Big projects have big impact, and that’s a plus. But it also makes the selection process somewhat nerve-wracking for homeowners.

Eliminating Guesswork

We realize these are important decisions, and we want to help homeowners make them with confidence and style. That’s why we’ve been investing in things like our Visualizer and the Designer Collections lookbook. The goal is to take some of the guesswork out of the process and help people envision the overall look of the entire home exterior portfolio.

The Designer Collections Lookbook

ProVia’s Designer Collections lookbook is a 52-page photographic catalog that features groupings of complementary color choices for entry doors, vinyl siding and manufactured stone. By showing various combinations of harmonious color options for exterior building products, the lookbook provides creative idea-starters and inspiration.

Exterior Decorating

The catalog includes 12 professionally designed color collections, and within each collection there are four color palettes, ranging from conservative choices to the more adventurous. With photographic layouts of the finished home, homeowners can unleash their imagination and create a truly unique look, without the guesswork.

People yearn for originality in the look of their homes, but often stick with safer, neutral color choices. The ProVia Designer Collections lookbook helps people “become a designer” by empowering them with professionally chosen color palettes. There are so many resources out there that cover the world of interior decorating—we want to provide ideas for exterior decorating options as well.

Dramatic Transformation

Our goal is simple: to help you start thinking about the possibilities that exist when you use multiple products with multiple colors and textures to transform your house.

The Thrill of Coming Home

Approaching your home after being away should fill you with contentment, anticipation, and even a little excitement, not give you a ho-hum a ho-hum “that could be anyone’s house” feeling, or worse yet, a disappointment. We believe curb appeal is much more than the dollar amount it adds to the resale value of a home. A beautiful house adds to the daily joy you get from your personal place in the world, from family, and from the thrill of coming home.

Start Designing

Visit our all-new Design Center to start creating the home exterior of your dreams!

ProVia Marketing Creative Team

ProVia’s Marketing Creative Team includes a diverse group of creative individuals who specialize in graphic design, photography, creative writing, multi-media design and development, and professional home exterior design. Together, they are using their talents to help develop and evolve ProVia’s home exterior design solutions initiative.


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