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When one thinks of stained glass windows, beautifully ornate churches from the Romanesque and early Gothic period come to mind. In those days, stained glass windows were made by artists who used lead to fuse together many individual pieces of colored glass to create intricate designs. The stained window glass created beautiful focal points on the exteriors of these grand buildings and even more visual interest from the inside when light poured in.

Taking inspiration from these early works of art, ProVia’s Inspirations Art Glass windows were created to elevate your home’s curb appeal with a custom exterior accent. With a variety of beautiful designs, several colors of resin bead and several color palettes to choose from, Inspirations Art Glass affords homeowners the opportunity to infuse their own personality into their home design.

How it's made

Technology has changed but the craftsmanship survives

To create our stained window glass, the computer-generated design is sent to a CNC machine where resin bead is applied for the design’s outline on the window glass. Each Inspirations custom glass window is filled by hand. The possibilities of color variations, striations and other natural effects mimic the look of an authentic stained window glass. These differences aren’t flaws; they are a natural characteristic of a carefully hand-made product.

Stained Window Glass Palettes

Select a color scheme or create your own

ProVia’s stained window glass designs are available in several beautiful and versatile color palettes. Choose one of these color palettes or create your own custom color palette by downloading our iPad app or asking your window dealer for assistance.

Stained Window Glass Designs

Appealing designs for every taste

From the rich symbolism of past cultures and eras to the delicacies of nature to interesting geometric patterns, the variety in ProVia’s Inspirations Art Glass patterns provides many options for a decorative feature that will enhance the aesthetic of any home.


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