Duraguard™ Heavy-duty Screen Doors

Keep pets, children safe inside

DuraGuard heavy-duty screen doors are an excellent option for families seeking durable screen door solutions when pets or children reside in the home. With heavy-duty, non-removable, stainless steel screening, DuraGuard aluminum storm doors are available in a variety of styles, including full screens for maximum light and ventilation.  

These screen doors come in models that include removable glass inserts or self-storing screens, providing the level of convenience that best fits your lifestyle. Further customizations include a variety of paint colors, which are applied through an automated painting process that ensures a smooth and long-lasting finish. Like ProVia’s other storm door brands, DuraGuard screen doors feature an aluminum wall thickness that is 20% greater than industry standard. 

DuraGuard screen doors provide the right balance of security, aesthetics and function that many families need.

Duraguard Key Features

Built for active families

  • Styles with heavy-duty, non-removable stainless steel screen with removable glass insert
  • Styles with self-storing sash and screen
  • Triple bottom sweep that eliminates drafts
  • A variety of hardware styles and color options
  • Color-matched leaf hinges, bottom expander and heavy-duty closers for an attractive appearance

DuraGuard heavy-duty Storm door styles

Choose the perfect configuration for your home

DuraGuard heavy-duty screen doors are available in a number of door styles, including ones with removable glass inserts or self-storing screens, in various sizes up to 8 feet tall and in a French door configuration.

Duraguard Finish Options

Long-term beauty

ProVia’s storm door paint process is computer controlled, ensuring professional quality every time. Paint is electrostatically applied with a vertical hydraulic reciprocator using a turbo disc that atomizes the paint particles for better coverage of contoured extrusions. Our durable, oven-baked polyester finishes are backed by a Lifetime Warranty for lasting beauty and low maintenance.

duraguard Hardware styles

Options to suit your design aesthetic

DuraGuard front screen doors feature hardware that adds beauty and reliable functionality to your new door. Options vary by model.

duraguard screen Door Glass Options

The finishing touch

To add some privacy to your DuraGuard heavy-duty screen door, consider one of our available glass options

Storm Door Accessories

Add more functionality

ProVia offers additional storm door customizations to meet specific functionality requirements of homeowners.

Storm Door Technology

Learn what makes ProVia a high quality choice

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The ultimate peace of mind

ProVia stands by the quality of its products by providing a transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty that passes onto one subsequent owner of the home.

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